Professional Steam Cleaning Service for NH & MA
Let Us Do Your Dirty Work!
You will be amazed and astonished with how dramatically the appearance of your home will improve with a professional cleaning of your flooring and upholstery. It’s like having an inexpensive interior restoration done to your family’s home.

Why Should I get my Carpets and Upholstery Professionally Cleaned?

Steam Cleaning NHCarpets are the most overlooked investment in your home. Carpets should be cleaned twice a year to remove unsightly dirt, stains, hair, and most importantly germs and bacteria. The most rewarding benefit to cleaning not only your carpets, but your upholstered furnishings (including your mattresses), is the contribution to you and your loved one’s health.

Many people suffer from allergies and conditions such as asthma, eczema, and various respiratory issues. With a thorough, deep cleaning of the carpet, upholstery, and mattresses in your home, the dust particles, dander, and soil are removed. In turn, this leaves you to enjoy the pleasant feeling of a professionally cleaned home.

What should be done to prepare for your visit?

There is not much that needs to be done before your appointment. We ask that all breakable items be taken off of the furniture you would like to be moved, this includes: picture frames, lamps, decorative items, plants, etc. Also picking up and moving all personal items and everyday clutter is recommended to assure a clean and open workspace for us upon arrival. While we are working in your home the door will remain slightly ajar to allow room for our hoses to come into the house. If this creates an escape route for the household pet we recommend simply allowing the pet, or pets, to remain in an area of the house that we will not be working in.

Where do you move the furniture?

Once all of the small objects are cleared from the rooms to be cleaned there is no need to move any of the furniture out of the room. We will move your furniture for you absolutely free of charge. When moving your furniture we simply move the items off their original space, and clean the carpeted areas underneath. Once your furniture is back in its original spot, we use protective coasters under wood and metal objects to protect the feet from moisture and also protect the carpet from furniture stains and rust marks.

Why should I get my Tile and Grout Professionally Cleaned?

Tile and GCleaning tile and grout greatly changes the appearance of the room. It makes your dingy dark floor appear bright and vibrant again. As well as removing any bacteria and germs that may be present, it leaves you and your loved ones with a cleaner, safer environment.

Do you use recycled water?

No. There are companies that do use recycled water, but that is considered by most unsanitary. We have a fresh water system that continuously brings new water to the heating chambers of our unit to be made into steam. Meanwhile the dirty water is removed from the house through the vacuum hose and filtered to be drained.

How long are the carpets wet?

After the cleaning service the carpets will be damp. There is no definite amount of time because every job is different, but the average dry time is about 6 to 8 hours for carpets and about 3 to 4 hours for upholstery. Even though the carpets will be damp there is no reason to avoid walking on them. You can walk on the carpets immediately after cleaning as long as you wear white socks, slippers, or house shoes.

Are your products safe?

Yes. All of the products we use are safe for families and pets, which means no harmful chemical odors and no risk of contact with harmful chemicals.

More about Supreme Steam:

• We use only the newest, most innovative equipment and materials in the industry.

• We are proud to run a small, low overhead business, which in return enables us to pass the benefits of industry low cost to you, our valued customers.

• We know that in this business a happy customer is a return customer. It is vital to our success that we give you the best experience possible. We assure you that our work will be worth every one of your hard earned dollars. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, we will do everything in our power to resolve the problem. If still you are unsatisfied, your money for the area/item will be refunded 100%.